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Intellectual property – new hero of the global market and digital economy. Strategy, trends, industries  

April 11 - 12, 2018

IPQuorum – the first communications network to link the market participants and industry representatives, sectoral novators, national and international regulators and visionaries, largest Russian and international venture investors. The forum will unite the representatives of beaux-arts and arts industriels – their consolidation, interpenetration of aims and objectives will allow for the transition to the new stage of development of the intellectual property segment in Russia and all over the world. 

Communications channels
The beaux-arts
and arts
law and
Business program
The strategic
partnership agreements between
the leading industrial
players will be signed
at the forum.
НInterstate memoranda
on distribution of the advanced
practices in the field of
intellectual property will
be announced at the event.
Exhibition space
A glance into the future through the past and present of the intellectual property sector.

Unique presentation
and investment environment —
Startup Hub

Presentation of innovative projects

Interactive expositions

Total area of the exhibition space —
1,000 sq.m

Boguslaw Pluta
ZPAV –генеральный директор
Key Yamaguchi
JASRAC, International Strategy Section International
Relations Department
CISAC, Director of Information System
Furkan Koselioren
Vice-President of Blockchain Eurasia Association
Zaurbek Albegonov
Senior Adviser, WIPO Delegation to Russian Federation
(WIPO Trademark Registration System)
Alexander Blinov
Warner music Russia CEO
Akos Bona
Digital Champion of Hungary
Director for EU Affairs, Member of the Board
The Digital Future Foundation
Koselioren SINEM
Proofstack Shareholder and Board Member of Blockchain
Euroasia Association
Roman Balashov
Deputy Plenipotentiary President of the Russian Federation
in the Northwestern Federal District
Harry Francis
Director General of the World Organization intellectual property
Alexander Zhuravsky
Secretary of State - Deputy Minister of Culture RF
Andrey Krichevsky
IPChain Association President
Galiya Djoldybaeva
Development Director entrepreneurial activity
of the Eurasian Economic Commission
Lyubov Kiriy
Deputy Head of the Federal Service for intellectual
property (Rospatent)
Alexey Volin
Deputy Minister of Communications and Mass communications of the Russian Federation
Yury Slyusar
President of PJSC "UAC"
Andrey Kashevarov
Deputy Head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation (FAS Russia)
Kirill Rodin
Organ Relations Manager state authority of the Department of socio-political research VTsIOM
Evgeny Kuzmin
Chairman of the Russian National Committee Intergovernmental
UNESCO Program "Information for All"
Sultan Raev
Advisor to the President of Kyrgyzstan
Elena Avakyan
Counsel at the Law Office "Egorov, Puginsky,
Afanasiev & Partners
Vladislav Grib
Professor, Chairman of the Professorial Assembly, Member of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, Vice President of the Federal Chamber of Advocates
Sergey Selyanov
Film director, producer, CEO of the film company STV,
co-founder of the animation film studio Melnitsa
Yury Zubov
Director of the Federal Institute
of Industrial property
Alexander Gorbunov
Deputy Director of the Federal Institute
industrial property
Anatoly Semyonov
Ombudsman for intellectual property property
Alexander Shenderyuk-Zhidkov
Deputy Prime Minister
Kaliningrad region
Leonid Agronov
General Director of the National Federation
music industry
Pavel Katkov
Founder and owner of Katkov & Partners, Member Council of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation on IP, member of the Expert Council under the State Commission on counteraction to illegal circulation of industrial products of the Government Russian Federation
Martin Maria Kruger
President of the German Music Council
Anton Pushkov
Foundation Intellectual Property Center Skolkovo
Evgeny Melentiev
KINODANZ Film Studio
Alexander Semyonov
Deputy Head of Department of NICEVT JSC
Andrey Panarin
Doctor of Economics, Head of the Staff of the Russian professorial meeting
Valeria Brusnikina
Team IT Portfolio Manager IPChain
Ilona Golovkin
Legal Solutions Thompson Reuters
Vadim Martynov
Chairman of the Board of Novy Vek Bank
Karine Airapetova
Copyright/Intellectual Property Expert property

Viktor Murakhovsky
Chief editor of Arsenal Rodina magazine
Nikolai Talikov
Chief Designer of Design Bureau "Ilyushina"
Ilya Uskorev
Project office manager, representative quality manuals, private space company Dauria Aerospace
Gleb Korzhevsky
Assistant for industrial issues of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation
Григорий Ревинский
Head of Science and Technology Department support of innovative projects of VKO-Intellect LLC
Vladimir Zernov
Rector of RosKnow
Alexey Antonov
General Director JSC Support Center initiative developments
and innovative activities "Polygon"
Sergey Matveev
President of the Federation of Intellectual property (FIS)
Maxim Proksh
Chairman of the Board of the IPChain Association
Sergey Davydov
Vice President Wizart
Viktor Shapiro
Chief Fitness Equipment Technologist
Ekaterina Filatova
Head of the Augmented and virtual reality

Anton Gorodetsky
Intellectual Practice Leader property / TMT, partner 2B.LAW OFFICE
Oleg Kolesnikov
Internet expert, copyright specialist rights
Alexander Prozorov
Larisa Litvinova
Head of the Laboratory of Immunology and Cellular biotechnologies
Andrey Zavorin
SEO invoice
Nikolay Zaichenko
Managing partner of Nevsky IP Law
Urvan Parfentiev
Safer Internet Center Coordinator Center
Pedro Simones Dias
Portugal Law Association
Elena Selivanova
Higher School of Economics
Alexander Atrashchenko
ITMO Vice-Rector for Research Assistant
Employee of the International Research Center for Nanophotonics and metamaterials

Natalya Kiseleva
Focal point of the national domain of the network Internet
Yury Godyna
Facemetric CEO
Chief Legal Officer and Company Secretary SAMPRA
Alexander Rabkin
Director of Business Development at Infinidat in Russia and CIS countries,
data storage expert
Marina Rozhkova
Vitaly Kalyatin
Chief Intellectual Property Lawyer ownership
Elena Wang
Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of IKBFU Kant
Andrey Pinchuk
First Vice-Rector STANKIN
Sergey Endutkin
Founder of Development Law, business lawyer
Ruslan Baryshev
library and publishing director SFU
Maxim Rumyantsev
Deputy Minister of Education of Krasnoyarsk the edges
Kirill Zakharyin
Director of the Center for Learning Systems of the Siberian federal university
Artem Tovbin
Deputy CEO for Digital IPEX technologies
Tim Skorenko
Site editor Popular Mechanics journalist
Galina Dobryakova
Doctor of Law in Information Law, author of the project and creator of the "Intellectual Registrar" (IREG) system
Elina Sidorenko
Legal Lab Vnesheconombank (VEB)
Vadim Bondarev
"MediaRights Revolution"
Sergey Anuryev
Tina Kandelaki
TV Match CEO
Marina Yakovleva
Deputy Chief of Staff of the Committee of the Federation Council for Science,
Education and Culture, Executive Secretary Council for Intellectual Property under the Federation Council
Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation
Ilya Balakhnin
Paper Planes CEO (ibalahnin.ru)
Galina Kravchenko
Fashion Consulting Group, Head Fashionsnoops dealerships
Alexander Salov
VideoSfera Studio
Andrey Busargin
Company Brand Protection Director "Group Ib"
Alexander Ivanov
"Naturovo". Company before and after branding
Dmitry Glavatsky
Internet Development Institute Leading Expert
Viktor Chekanov
Megogo, Online Cinema CEO
Andrey Berger
FGA (street art platform
Ivan Zasursky
Internet Publishers Association President
Ekaterina Chukovskaya
Vice President for R&D of the Federation of Intellectual property (FIS)
Dmitry Semyachkin
CyberLenin project leader
Dmitry Ter-Stepanov
Regulatory Director ANO "Digital Economy"
Natalia Trishchenko
NP NEICON, National Electronic information consortium
Oleg Nesterov
Megapolis Group
Alexandra Radominova
Legal Advisor to the Producers Guild of Russia
Roman Silver
Secretary of the Union of Journalists of Russia
Olga Kiseleva
AO Intellectual Property Manager Severstal Management
Alina Akinshina

Online Patent COO
Evgeny Livadny
Legal and corporate function management.
Head of projects for intellectual property ROSTEKH
Alexander Sysoenko
Deputy head of scientific and educational FIPS center
Vitaly Egorov
space blogger "Zelenyi kot", founder of the community
"Open Space", ex-specialist in relations with public
"Dauria Aerospace"
Anton Alikhanov
Governor of the Kaliningrad Region
Alexey Bobrovsky
Head of Economic News Service TV channel
"Russia 24"
Alexandra Sokovikova
Deputy head of legal department.
Head of the Litigation and Claims Department of the State Customs Committee
TV channel Rossiya (channel culture)
Olga Karmatskaya
Head of Marketing and Sales Department, TASS
Nikita Trynkin
Vice President, Star Media
Pavel Ponikarovsky
Owner of the Lumen Film cinema chain,
Cinema Owners Association
Sylvanas Yarmolyuk-Stroganov
Head of International Department
Argentine Association of Film Directors
Alexey Popovichev
RusBrand Executive Director
Alexey Shvetsov
International Brand Protection Advisor federation of football associations FIFA
Egor Vasiliev
"European Legal Service"
Olga Bobrova
Head of OFAS for the Kaliningrad region
Alexander Shmurnov
Journalist, radio host, Russian commentator TV channel "Match TV".
Felix Lapin
President of the Kaliningrad Trade and Industrial chambers
Vladimir Volkogon
Rector of KSTU
Olga Serova
Chair of the Department of Civil Law and process IKBFU I. Kant, Doctor of Law, Professor
Ildar Shaikhutdinov
General Director of JSC “Institute of Financial business development”
Nina Yanykina
Head of Design and Innovation Department activity,
Acting Dean of the Faculty of Technology Management and Innovation,
Member of the ITMO Supervisory Board
Ivan Twin
Rector of the Russian State Academy intellectual property (RGAIS)
Alexander Merkulov
KSTU Technology Park Director
Susanna Nersisyan
CEO Armenian copyright Society Armavtor
Алексей Бичурин
Начальник центра по коллективному управлению НЦИС
Светлана Смирнова
Первый заместитель Генерального секретаря
Ассамблея народов Евразии
Yoon Myung Sun
Vice Chairman APMA (CIAM Asia-Pacific Committee)
Seon Cheol Hwang
Chief Secretary of KOMCA
Andrey Laenko
Deputy Head of the FIPS Project Office
Natalia Belenkaya
Dmitry Kuskov
Minister for Industrial Policy, Development entrepreneurship
and trade of the Kaliningrad region
Oleg Rumyantsev
Communications Professionals Association President business and government "GR-League"
Cultural program
Performance of Igor Butman’s Big Band - the legendary jazz band recognized as the leading “trademark” of the Russian jazz.
Marathon of popular science and documentary films about great and ordinary discoveries, copyright priority and patent disputes, which are sometimes associated with genius inventions.
Open lectures on intellectual property will be arranged for the city residents and guests during the forum.
The exhibition of “China in Faces” pictures of Alexandra Azovtseva, the Russian painter, held under the auspices of the National Foundation of Rightholders’ Support.
Under the auspices of
With the support of
Information Partners